Bridgemania 2012–Magical Journeys and Special Yellow People 6/14/12

Off on a magical adventure down winding highways, high schools in the middle of nowhere, and interesting football fields. I shall meet and engage in music with special yellow people. I will entertain thousands and catch their young as they are flung to the stadium ground by the hundreds. 


I shall call my bus seat my home. I shall cover it in my possessions and sleep there. I shall fall in love with riding on the bus all over again.


I will spend every waking moment surrounded by 149 people who are all committed to making a difference in the lives of all who we encounter. We will run around and do ridiculous deeds while making music and other pretty things. We will go through so much together, sunny days, rainy days, windy days. Sky appreciation days. Flying babies, flying flags. Some days we will laugh so hard that our faces will hurt the next day. Some days everything on our bodies will hurt, and sometimes our brains too, but that is ok because we will help each other through it. Some days, we will have a undulating groove that makes everyone feel good. Some days, some people will lie a little outside the groove, and we’ll reach out to them and pull them back in.


We embark on this magical adventure, of which none of us will come back the same. Make the most of it. Catch a baby. Be a friend to everyone you meet. Push yourself to be great. 


Because when we arrive back, after the best summer of our lives, not only will we be legendary, we will all find that we became more important, not only to those who care about us, but also…to ourselves. And when you realize just how important you are to yourself, you have learned to live life better.


Surf’s Up!


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