Bridgemania 2012–Kazoos and Pelvic Thrusting 7/8/12

Part one of the magical drum corps journey of 2012: complete. In the past 23 days I have:

 –played the kazoo




–sweated like a melting popsicle

–laughed until I couldn’t breathe

–brought crowd after crowd to their feet

–used copious amounts of DCT

–controlled the beast


–pelvic thrusted

–found strength I didn’t know I had

–strutted like a king in front of a screaming audience, waving a stool in one hand and a tuba in the other

–made Tell William my bitch

–not slept enough

–lost 5 pounds

–developed friendships within the corps that continue to grow and mean the world to me

–played tetris in a bus seat

–formed an alliance with a clan of yellow people who never hesitate to share their love, who will stand behind us and cheer us on until the end of time

–helped bring what was a year ago only a dream into a farther greater reality than anyone had ever believed possible. A reality that continues to evolve in directions we once thought only existed in the safety of our imaginations.

 And that was just a warmup. Part two of the magical drum corps journey of 2012, bring it on.


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