You Know You’re A Freshman Music Major When……. 1/10/12




–Your favorite thing to do at the beginning of every semester is tell people how many classes you take on Fridays, just to watch their eyes bug out.


–You take 7 classes on Fridays.  Six if you can get out of GSR.  Five if you can fake an amputation and get out of marching band.


–You’re being forced to learn clarinet against your will.


–You didn’t meet your RA until October.


–You look at your homework for English 110 for the week.  You laugh.  For 45 minutes.  Then violently sob for another 45 minutes.


–You have, on average, 3 mental breakdowns a week.  Some weeks, you have more than 3.


–You can’t eat, sleep, AND practice.  Pick one.


–It’s 6pm.  You’re eating your first meal of the day.


–Two hours of harmony homework takes five hours because of facebook, youtube, and the fact that you just can’t seem to stop screaming.


–You have a harmony project due, a research paper due, an aural skills exam, a C Band presentation, and a GSR performance tomorrow.  Oh yeah, and you need to be at the CFA right now.  Your symphonic band concert’s in an hour.


–Don’t forget about the piano quiz.  Did you practice?


–You know which practice room pianos are broken. 


–You know the resonant frequency of every practice room.


–Happiness is a canceled clarinet class


–You don’t know anyone on your floor.


–Your bed feels unfamiliar to you.  It’s because you’re never there.


–You don’t understand why other kids in other majors are bored all the time.


–You came to college all psyched to take naps in the middle of the day.  Now you don’t remember what a nap is.


–Late night marching band gigs will always fall on the day before your research paper is due.


–Your only exercise is marching band.


–C Band is fun because everyone’s bad at a trombone and it’s fun to solfege Disney songs


–The train whistle is in G


–You’ve ever locked someone in a practice room and made them identify tritones


–You didn’t got to your buddy’s senior recital to hear them play.  You went for recital attendance.


–You don’t have any friends on campus who aren’t either in marching band or another music major.


–The amount of time you spend solfeging is severely decreasing your likelihood of finding friends who aren’t either in marching band or another music major.

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