Bananas for Drum Corps

Banana Summertime

It’s that banana time of year!

In 17 days, the Jersey Surf will return to Bayonne for our first show of the 2013 season. Just as we had exactly a year before. In a different sort of drum corps world.

In 2012, minutes before the public unveiling of Bridgemania at the Tournament of Stars show in Bayonne, we were led through the backroads behind the stadium by the Bridgemen.

The yellow and black gathered with the yellow and blue in the shadows of the streets. For the first time, the Bridgemen let us into their tightest circle and taught us their hype song, of which some words cannot not be shouted in public 😉

As the Bayonne Bridgemen were once escorted by police patrol to a show, we were escorted to the stadium by the Bridgemen themselves. They formed a tunnel on the field as we sallied on down to the starting line and cheered us on with all of their banana love.

Banana love is no trivial thing. As the adopted junior corps of the Bridgemen Alumni corps, the Jersey Surf has been blessed with the unconditional, exuberant support of the spirit of the original Bayonne Bridgemen.

When you stand heart-deep banana love, you need not fear what’s different. You need not align with what’s the same, if it doesn’t fit you right. You need only be the first rate version of who you really are. And once you are sure of who you are, you are free to bring the awesomeness you day-dreamed into the reality you now live.

Banana love stood behind us as we threw down all we had that night in Bayonne. As we gathered, alternating Surf and Bridgemen on the field for an encore of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to hundreds of eager fans who believed in us even from the very beginning.

Banana love followed us all summer long, through the Northeast down to Texas, to Georgia, back up through the interesting event that was Allentown, to Indy and back all the way home to New Jersey.

Banana love is upon us again. We’ve got more of those unique deeds to accomplish. Moments to create. The moments that you know you’ll remember as you live them in real time. You feel the actual buzz of hype electrifying the air you breathe; it’s all real.

In 17 days, the 2013 Jersey Surf and the 2013 Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni will once again return to the birthplace of the hype, and the season of the banana can truly begin!

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