Welcome!  My name is Lauren and I currently march tuba with the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps.  I have just completed my fourth and ageout season with the Jersey Surf.

This site is mainly a means to display my writings and to encourage me to write more often. I am always looking for more opportunities to share my writing.

Tumblr:  http://wordsurfingwizard.tumblr.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/wordsurfingwizard


One thought on “About”

  1. Lauren, I just read your Drum Corps Tacos post, and I still have tears in my eyes.
    I, too, did LOTS of writing during my junior corps days (Saints, Fords NJ), and ended up as the PR Director for my corps while still in HS. Later, I served in the same capacity for DCA.
    Bottom line from this Jersey Girl – keep doing what you’re doing … thirty years from now, your Jersey Surf Siblings will love you that much more for it.
    Enjoy the rest of your season –
    JoAnne Parente
    Saints, 1967-1976

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