Kazoo Man

While running the stands today at the game, I ducked down to sit on a stair beside a man with a kazoo. As me and the other brass players waited for a chance to play first down, the man started to play Bozo on the kazoo. And after an important second, I decided to sing along with him until the end of the chorus. Complete with the harmonization on the end. We exchanged a look of “Cool dude!”

We stood up. Thirty five brass players lifted their horns to their faces. He stood in our line and joined us on his very nicely crafted metal kazoo in a playing of first down in both directions. And with an exchange of high fives and a jolly smile, I was on my way down the stairs again and he returned to watching the game.

It’s friendly little occurrences like these that remind me how cool it is to be a part of the UDMB. Endurance and strength of a thousand football players, disposition of a professional entertainer, and the heart and soul of a loving friend. Making friends with a kazoo playing fan and making him feel included is just part of the amazing job the 337 members of the UDMB take on when we gain the privilege of wearing our uniform.

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