Giddy for Drum Corps (6/13/13)

The SoulSurfing train has left the station. 11 camps down, 75 percent of the show on the field. We are so ready to bring you the funk, as we move in for our version of spring training tomorrow.

Drum corps moveins are an exciting, exciting adventure.

The drum corps experience is one of the most absurd, exhilarating, at times inconvenient, and absolutely life changing experiences you’ll ever embark on. For those of you who are new, I will do my best to describe it to you:

From this point on, your life is about to resemble that of a giddy teenage school girl.


You’re not going to get enough sleep, but you’ll sleep like a cucumber in a coma whenever you get the chance.

You’re going to be hungry all the time but when you see any food you’ll be able to eat like a hyena on top of a mountain of dead gazelles.

You’ll find yourself exercising 12 hours a day but you’ll still find the energy to do one more run. At 11:30pm.

You’ll be close to tears at times, but more commonly on the brink of laughter.

All your emotions will flare up. Every angry thought will threaten to take over your morning, but every smile that crosses your teeny little face shines fiercer than the evils of a thousand cycles of circle drill.

Everything in your life is about your BEST BEST BEST friends. And let me break it to you, girlfriend. You’ve now got more than 150 of them. These band geeks are as batshit crazy as you are. Running around all day in the hazy summer heat tooting horns, hitting membranophones, chopping out, tossing random artillery items 4647388ft in the air with the intention of catching each of them before they hit someone else.

These are the people who hyperventilate with you at the end of a kickass runthrough. Who share your housebus with you. Who sing with you in the shower.

That moment when together, you peer out of the tunnel at the audience that’s gathered, waiting for you to change their puny little lives into something as inspiring as your own? You share that hype with only each other and you never forget the way it feels and you’ll never be able to describe it.

Surfers–and all drum corps kids: You are all giddy teenage school girls. Embrace it.

Approach everything with open eagerness. Work your butt off and think smart. Be brave and don’t give up on perfection even as it eludes you every step of the way. You will catch perfection if you want it badly enough.

Take pictures as if your parents just bought you your first electronic device ever. Capture the memories. Love the people, love the moments and refer back to them often, even of they’re bad. You can laugh at them then.

You’ll find your giddy teenage girl self evolving as you band across the country. The word for teenage evolving is usually puberty. You are going through drum corps puberty, and all you need to do, once in a while, is look up in wonder of the muscly tough guy, fabulous performer, loyal team player, and loving friend that you’ve become. And accept it as truth.

Fantastic, super duper, magnificent times await us, my fellow drum corps school girls. You all look SO CUTE with those mega fresh tan lines. Let’s go live it up. This is your BEST SUMMER EVERRRR 😀

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