Want to march drum corps? Then DO it!

Sure, there’s plenty of reasons why you probably shouldn’t. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t do a lot of things.

Should you go to the grocery store and buy EVERY container of taco supplies they have in stock on the shelves and attempt to throw a humongous taco party at your house? Probably not, seeing as you have only one stove. It’d be a lot of work. It’d get messy. It’d cost a lot of money. And you’d have a LOT to explain.

But hey, maybe you SHOULD throw that enormous taco party at your house. Even though it’s risky, and a lot of work, and pretty crazy. Maybe you should take that chance.

You could make a lot of new friends. You could hone your taco making skills to perfection. You could make history by throwing the coolest taco party on the block. You could change a lot of lives. Maybe someone will attend your chaotic taco party and be inspired to throw their own taco party, sharing the love of tacos and friendship throughout the world. With one awesome taco party, you could make a HUGE difference and become better, happier, more talented and confident person for it.

So maybe drum corps isn’t exactly like throwing a giant taco party. But it’s sort of like it. You may have to give up time with your current friends and family. You’ll have to give up a lot of money, maybe even a lot of money you don’t have. Consequently, you’ll have to work hard to raise money for yourself. You will have to give up an entire summer that you could be spending taking classes, or working some monotonous job, or lying on the beach watching the grains of time in your life slip slip away with the crash of the waves.

But it could be, like the taco party,the best decision in your life. Albeit, the most insane decision you could have ever imagined making, but the best decision all the same.

Take a chance. Make some tacos. Do some drum corps.


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