I brought my friend to the train station
As the world woke and untwisted it’s sleeping limbs
And as we stood looking upon the majestic silver creature:
I realized that he would climb through those clean metal doors and leave me behind
On the platform
Awash in the things we said last night
Moments of quiet understanding and fierce friendship
Without him they would be memories.
I held on to his arms as I looked him in the eye and bid my longing farewell
Watched as he climbed aboard
Turned the corner, moved behind the shaded windows.
I turned my back
Climbed the sun warmed stairs to the top of the bridge, the train chugging away
Slipping beneath my feet.
As I walked home the concrete sidewalk sparkled alongside the vibrant green grass
Brushing the piercing blue beauty of sky.
The day shone with endless possibilities of kindness and dreaming. The sun was warm and unashamed of loving everything it reached.

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