Never the Same

Teetering on the edge of fame—

You move forward. Out. Open—

All those faces, all those bodies, all those thousands of lives lounging before you. An audience. A wall—

Your belly drops and you shiver and you smile and you get fierce—

You know you will create something so great and powerful and meaningful that you yourself will split open wide and everything that is you will escape—

And shatter itself on the floor, the field, the stage, the arena, and deep inside the hopes and dreams of everyone who saw you, everyone who drank your soaring spirit and now carry it with them always—

You’ll know—

This moment, as your pulse quickens for the last time it quickens for you as you are presently—

This moment, as you know you will be gone when your voided shell picks up the floor and leaves this place—

That those people will never again awaken less alive—

Than you are about to leave them.

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