Beyond the Shell

All these years of music. Who have I become? 

I dance; colors of pride fill my eyes. I play music; my soul is born to groove. I gaze fiercely up at the crowd; my heart explodes in my chest and I feel what I tell myself is adrenaline but what I know is love.

I’m braver because I perform. No other activity has taught me to face my fears and win.

I’m smarter because I perform. I’ve learned that I can depend on myself. That I can figure it out. That I matter.

I’m kinder because I perform. All these years I’ve been surrounding myself with people as passionate as I am and I’ve discovered the sheer power of an encouraging word. The significance of the hand of a friend pulling you to your feet when you fall.

Becoming a performer gave me the tools I needed to shed my shell and run full-throttle into life. I do no good in the world when I am shy and sad and lonely.

I fear. As opportunities for the arts dwindle, as organizations collapse, as hearts break and heal all wrong, how many people will fail to find who they really are?

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