They Asked Me What I Learned In Drum Corps

And I could tell them
About all the beats
And the breathing
And the running
And the coverdowns
And how we did the same same thing every day.

I could say all the times
I was told
It wasn’t good enough
And how I had to keep going
Until it was
More than good
More than excellent

If they stayed long to listen I’d tell
About how I used to be afraid
When it got so tough
When I thought I was breaking
And how I had to learn
Shattered as I was
To put myself back together

And I’d tell about the time
I found my friend
Who’d struggled and cracked
Sitting with dust in their eyes
So close to giving in
How I sat down beside them
And gave them strength to go on
Because you don’t ever just let someone
Fall away

But I don’t say any of that
Because so many people don’t know
What it’s like
To be so alive
In all the dimensions of time

So I say
Drum corps taught me
To live life
But by the time it is said

They have walked away

They have left our dangling conversation
To be surrounded by a life
That they will always understand
And will never truly live.

3 thoughts on “They Asked Me What I Learned In Drum Corps”

  1. As a drum corp mom, I am continuously overly amazed and in awe of the work ethic and spirit of the drum corp young adults. While I will never understand what drives them to participate in this activilty that requires them to dedicate 16 plus hours a day all summer long to perfecting their collective performance and continuously strive for excellence without any consideration for how and where or when they sleep and eat. They are the most considerate group of you young people you would ever meet. They totally give of themselves to the activity and couldn’t be more proud..

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