Lucas Oil Stadium:

That moment when the camera gives the view upwards from the foot of the drum major stand…flashes the image on the mega-super-jumbotron.  And maybe, while you stand upon the field and look out at the people so far away, you can catch it out of the corner of your eye.

The lights glitter at the height of the dome…their rays combine, they make piercing Xs in the ceiling….stars.  Like the ones you reach for when the sky is clear…or when it isn’t, because you know they’re still there.  There aren’t clouds in the dome.

The drum major knows the stars glitter behind them.  They’re ready, the corps is ready. You know it, and you know they know it.  They stand like it’s nothing less than what they were meant to do.

You knew this performance thing was all far-fetched and incredible and magical to begin with, but now you believe it.

And those people that look so far away…from the ones with their toes on the edge of the turf to the 700 level in outer space, where they look down, not yet believers…from this moment on, you bring them all closer.

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