UDMB Allentown: 9/30/12

UDMB, take that memory of that screaming crowd and hold it close.

People stood up and screamed for you today because you moved them.  Because you altered the frequency of the beat of their heart in the way that their microwaves or TVs couldn’t.  You’ve led them to feel an emotion they can’t describe in a language of syllables and consonants.  You marched out through the rain of the clouds and you brought color to their grey lives.

Choose that one moment, where you threw your arms in the air and your smile to the sun, when you felt the roar of the crowd in the turf beneath your toes.  It was real.  And this is how you know: Because of the distance of the audience and the laws of physics and the speed of sound, there was a delay before the crowd noise hit you like a storm.  You threw your greatest efforts to the sky, and there was a moment of nothing, where you sucked in your first breath of the aftermath.  And then, a moment of everything you had ever been waiting for.

You dominate the turf, your arms in the air and your face tilted up, and you absorb the love that comes down in screams and claps and standing ovations.  Because it IS love.  It’s love for band, love for music, love for performance, love for what you and 300 others have chosen to create together.  It’s love no one can ever take away from you; it’s a love you’ll carry with you forevermore.

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