Their Opinions are Less Relevant than a Zebra at a Funeral

Inevitably, if you dream big, you’ll do something great.  Be a part of something so moving and significant it turns the planet inside out from its fiery molten core and exposes beauty never shown before.  Find that your strange and fantastic deeds light up your life like nothing else ever could.

There is always going to be someone who will tell you that everything you did was for nothing.  That everything you knew you accomplished never mattered.  Maybe you’ve climbed up the Empire State Building using only Silly Putty, only to have someone tell you that being Spiderman isn’t for you.  Or you’ve become the world champion in feeding the homeless, but are told scathingly that your efforts will never be able to feed all of the homeless.   Maybe you spend your entire summer perfecting a show that revolutionizes the world of drum corps and practically yanks babies from the arms of their parents and hurls them into outer space, only to have a stranger, whom apparently is devoid of the concept of joy, bafflingly rave in the solitude of the internet about how nothing you did was the right kind of drum corps.

When you’ve truly grown up, you’ll know that the true story isn’t the view of outsiders.  It may not even be the view of the people who worked beside you.   The true significance and success of anything you do is up to you.  You’ll remember the miles you grew from your head to your heart.  You’ll embody the love you possess for what you do.  When you dive back to the past, you’ll recall of the trials you struggled through and the pain and anxiety of effort put forth but not yet rewarded.  But when you recall what you finally accomplished, it will be the sensation of your blood running hot with rampant energy that you remember the most.  The uncontrollable wish to make what you could do the best it could possibly be.  The strange feeling that there isn’t a tomorrow that exists without a trace of the ultimatum you strive for.

No one can take away your pride in what you do but you.  And bless your soul, don’t you ever take away your own pride.

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