Senior band speech, delivered at CCSA Band Banquet 6/1/11

After four long years I leave this band a graduated senior

I can’t emphasize enough how insane my life has gotten having been here


So I thought long and hard on how to thank you for all these interesting times

And the best thing I came up with was to deliver a speech that rhymes.


When you spend so many years and hours in the good old CCSA

You tend to pick up advice and life lessons and experiences along the way


Some things to mull over the next time you sit behind a music stand:

These are all the things I learned in band:


The basic rules of band you should know by now

By following them you can temporarily keep Mr. Tharp from having a cow


Keep the bathrooms clean, don’t pee on the seat

When you leave the band bus at least make it look like you TRIED to be neat


The use of the secret bandroom passageway should not be abused

Because wouldn’t everyone want to use something that shouldn’t be used?


Don’t play stingers on parades, don’t let your brain get fried

And please don’t forget to lock your trombone slide


Look after your band parents, for they look well after you

No amount of thanks can fully cover all that they do


They’ll feed you and hug you and clothe you and cheer you on in the stands

They’ll hug you and love you and even wash your white pants


They’re the ones who you can tell your hopes and dreams at 3 o’clock AM

They’re the ones who will talk to you when you think no one else can


And when your days grow dark and nothing goes right

They’ll be there to dry your tears and help you see the light


Another lesson you will be left with today

Is that a person’s life can be forever altered by the words that you say


These people that you see and you play with and get into shenanigans bizarre

They need to know how awesome you truly think they are


Because there are times when we feel nothing but despair

And we go on with our lives but wish someone would care


And the best gift you can give to someone who’s spirits couldn’t be flatter

Is the simple affirmation that in this world, they matter


There are people with dreams, but uncertainties, too

Who need to hear from their friends, “I believe in you!”


Not everyone sees in themselves the beautiful you see so bright

Tell them what you see and you may improve their sight


Beware of STDs, swine flu, and getting stuck in tree

But most importantly, beware of apathy!


If there’s any mystery I can’t solve despite all my figuring

Is how there can be so many people who don’t give a care for ANYTHING!


So if you enjoy something, act like it!  Let that happy spirit shine!

Don’t pretend you don’t care, go out and have a good time!


A leader’s undying enthusiasm inspires others to follow through

Leaders give life to purpose, and those leaders are YOU!


And when every person throws their soul into one purpose, the world stepping back to view

The result is so breathtakingly astounding, no language can to explain to those who


Are not part of the vibe and will never understand

How such raw power can be generated from a high school band


There is something you all must do over the next few years

Band, I want you to learn how to conquer your fears


Because the definition of courage is NOT the absence of fear

It’s when you troop on anyway for a cause you hold dear


And when the sick twisting of your gut compels you to run and hide

You need to stand your ground and move forward with pride


I want you to play that solo and give that speech

Sit for that audition, learn how to teach


Because there is a strong, capable being trapped in the confines of your soul

Who can’t be freed until you seize the chance to jump out and go


And when the ordeal is over and you’ve fought your war

You’ll find you like yourself a whole lot more.


The thing you must not forget, spring winter summer or fall,

Is the extent to that Mr. Tharp dearly loves us all


He might not always show it, that sneaky Mr. Tharp

But with his unyielding dedication to his students and even his hate crimes, we all know where we lie in his heart


I have no more lessons to give you yet, so I’ll end this speech soon

If I knew how to play I’d serenade you on the bassoon


The class of 11 has worked hard to help bring the band to it’s current state

A place where our potential and achievements soar to heights high and great


We are leaving the fate of this band with you, now you will determine what you achieve

So I ask now, what kind of legacy are YOU going to leave?


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